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How it Works

Run your own VPN and take control of your Internet traffic

Outline improves on the traditional VPN model by making it easy for anyone to create their own VPN.

Traditional VPNs

Traditional VPNs are often easy to block because they are easy to detect.

When you use a VPN, your traffic is anonymous, but certain security protocols used by popular VPNS use unique cryptographic signatures that can be easily identified and blocked.

When you connect your device to a traditional VPN, your traffic is easy to detect because the volume of similar traffic makes it easy to find and block a server.


Outline works when other VPNs are blocked and is resistant to sophisticated forms of censorship like network-based blocking or IP blocking.

Outline is more resilient because it is built using a protocol that is designed to be difficult to detect and therefore harder to block.

Privately share access to your server with a trusted group of people. Fewer people connected to your server means it is harder to detect and easier to remain private.

Outline was built with your privacy in mind.

It never logs your traffic or tracks your internet usage.

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