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For Developers

Outline SDK

A cross-platform library and set of tools for app developers to easily reuse Outline's advanced networking strategies to mitigate even the most complex network-level interference.

Censorship Resilience by Design

Internet censorship is constantly evolving. And now, proven strategies from Outline that have helped millions of users access the internet even in the harshest conditions are available to developers in an easy-to-use SDK. Outline SDK works across all major platforms and has been carefully designed to allow for flexible composition and reuse of our technology.

Outline SDK enables two distinct developer use cases.

Developers can focus on helping more users participate in the global internet and access their content while Outline SDK gives you stronger, integrated resilience to blocking.

App Creators

Embed advanced networking strategies directly into your apps, bypassing unwanted network interference and unlocking access to your content.

VPN Developers

Harness Outline's foundational building blocks and open-source strategies to craft a cutting-edge VPN experience, evolving alongside an industry leader.

Key Features

Composable Interfaces

Benefit from interfaces built for both reuse and flexibility. Seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf strategies with your own implementations to craft a tailored experience.

Multiple Evolving Strategies

Choose among a suite of connection strategies, spanning both proxy-based options like Shadowsocks and proxyless solutions like fragmentation and resilient DNS. As the digital landscape changes, our strategies adapt and expand, ensuring your connectivity is always one step ahead.

VPN Libraries

Access the essential building blocks for a cross-platform VPN application. This includes adaptors like 'tun2socks' to bridge the gap between IP and transport layers, and comprehensive handling of UDP blocking, among other advanced features.

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