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Two products that work together

Outline consists of two interrelated products that work together to provide you and your community with uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Step 1

Begin with the Outline Manager

Set up your server from the Outline Manager desktop application

Outline Manager

Download the Manager desktop application to begin setting up your server. We designed Outline to let you manage everything about your server all in one place. Choose from a list of trusted cloud providers, or you can use your own Linux infrastructure. Many cloud providers offer plans for $5USD a month or less.

Once you've downloaded the Manager you will be prompted to choose on which cloud provider you want to run your server. Choose from some of the most trusted providers like Digital Ocean, AWS or Google Cloud. Once you've chosen your cloud provider, they will guide you through their specific onboarding process, but you'll be able to manage your server from your Outline Manager.

Outline allows you to choose where you want your server to be located. Route your traffic through Singapore, Germany or the United States, among many others.

Windows Windows Windows
Linux Linux Linux
Download the Outline Manager

Step 2

Generate access keys

Create access keys to connect your devices and share access with your network

Outline Manager

After setting up your server, generate unique access keys directly from the Manager desktop application. The Manager allows you to send invites to connect to your server via your preferred communication platform. Access keys are how you connect your devices to the Outline Manager and protect them using your server. Each access key is unique and can be managed or deleted directly from the server. Data limits allow you to control how much bandwidth each key is allowed to use.

Connecting to your server is as easy as accepting your invitation. Once you're connected you can easily turn your connection on and off from the app.


Step 3

Get the Outline client app for desktop and mobile

Connect using your unique access key

Download the Outline Client app from either the app store or Google Play store, and connect using your unique access key. The Client app is available for desktop and mobile devices, so you can access the open Internet and communicate privately wherever you are and from all of your devices.

Once you've connected your own devices, you can share access to your server with your friends or colleagues. Generate unique access keys and send them to anyone in your network who needs unfiltered access to the Internet. Manage access to your server with data limits, giving you the option to limit usage in case someone in your network is using too much bandwidth.

Android Android Android
Windows Windows Windows
Chrome Chrome Chrome
Mac Mac MacOS
Linux Linux Linux

Use alternative link. Learn the requirements to run the client.

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